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Short & Long Term Stays

Hotel Story @ Namba provides an array of serviced apartments to cater to the needs of both short term and Long Term Guests. Our Flexible Tenancy lease starts from as short as 1 month to 2 years. Cleaning services and private door locks could be set up upon request & quotations. We welcome both Local Japanese & Foreigners who come to Osaka for businesses, work, study or for personal lifestyle choices. Our Team will do our utmost to ensure a conducive, safe and clean home environment while our Guests are staying with us. Please feel free to contact us for more details & Quotations. 

Our Tenancy contract is hassle free to apply and flexible lease terms eliminates the worries of early termination penalties and saves our Guests the trouble to find guarantor to secure a lease contract. Our rooms are tastefully furnished to provide all the comforts of a home so that our Guest could just move in with their luggage and focus on what they wanted to do.  All the necessary setup including WIFI, Telephone Line, Water/Electricity and Gas bills will be handled by our Hotel Story management team and billed to our Guests. We hope for your peace of mind and ease of use while staying with us.

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