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Hotel Story @ Namba is located right in the middle between the upscale Takashimaya Namba station, the famous tourist favourite street Dotonbori and the 80's feel Tsutenkaku where we find many great tasting food and cheap drinks to go along. There is also the insane 24Hours Osaka Spa world complex to explore near Tsutenkaku!
Universal Studio Japan

Quoting from USJ itself, " Surprise yourself with your own screams:) "
The place where you let yourself go, from the famous epid manga One piece to the eve
ry year Night Halloween event and the legend Harry Potter Series. Enjoy a special date with your loved ones at Universal studio Japan. 
Tsutenkaku 1_edited.jpg
通天閣 Tsu Ten Kaku
Tsutenkaku Tower is one of the distinct symbols of Osaka, at 103m high, it offers breathtaking views of the city. Explore the different levels of the tower to find souvenirs, sweets & snacks, stop by for good luck on 5th floor of the Tower where the Billiken Statue sits.
Near to Tsutenkaku is the bustling新世界 Shinsekai and tennoji park, enjoy the energetic local atmosphere & local food. Kushikatsu is a must try and you could find many shops selling this along a narrow street near entrance of Shinsekai (Janjan Yokocho). 
Image by Steven Tso
The entire Shinsaibashi area was named after the former Shinsaibashi Bridge built by Shinsai Okada way back in 1622. The street has become closely associated with high fashion retailers & chic brand goods such as Daimaru.
A must visit shopping haven for all visitors to Osaka! With a roof over the streets, we can shop sun or rain!
Do you know that this iconic historical site started construction in 1583? The castle was attacked and destroyed and rebuilt in 1620s and it was struck by lightning and burned down in 1665. The recent concrete reconstruction started in 1931, where it miraculously survived air raids! Now the present Osaka castle is modern and glamorous on the inside with elevator and informative museum. The catle tower is surrounded by 600 cherry trees which makes it the most popular 花見Hanami spots in Osaka during the cherry blossom season. Come with a mat and relax in a picnic!
Osaka castle with cherry blossom. Japanese spring beautiful scene. .jpg
海遊館 Kaiyukan Aquarium
Well known as one of the World's largest Aquarium, Kaiyukan is the must visit place for a romantic date with your partner as well as a joyful outing with families and friends. Be amazed with the Park's impressive display of marine life from the waters of Japan and beyond! Forget yourself in the underwater world. It will be an unforgettable memorable experience :)
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